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Important Dates

7 Jan 2022 - PAYE submissions and payments 25 Jan 2022 - VAT manual submissions and payments 28 Jan 2022 - Excise Duty payments 31 Jan 2022 - End of Filing Season 2021 for Individuals (Provisional) and Trusts
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Release of Tax Statistics for 2021

JOINT MEDIA STATEMENT – NATIONAL TREASURY AND THE SOUTH AFRICAN REVENUE SERVICE ON THE RELEASE OF THE 14TH ANNUAL EDITION OF TAX STATISTICS PRETORIA, TUESDAY 25 JANUARY 2022 National Treasury and the South African Revenue Service have published the 14th annual edition of the Tax Statistics. The 2021 edition provides an overview of tax revenue collections and tax return...
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Tax and Non-Residents

South Africa has a residence-based tax system, which means residents are, subject to certain exclusions, taxed on their worldwide income, irrespective of where their income was earned. By contrast, non-residents are taxed on their income from a South African source. Since tax systems differ from country to country, there is a chance that a particular...
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